18 Jul 2015

Creative Blog Award

Thank you to JustKeepBrains for tagging me and nominating me for this award!

The rules on this award:
– Nominate 10 (other said 15-20, some other posts said 5) blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
– Thank and post the link to the blog that nominated you
– Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
– Notify the bloggers that you nominated them for the award
– Pass the rules onto them

5 facts about me

1) As well as having a 'thing' for nail polish, I also have quite a large collection of lipbalm

2) I once was tall for my age, I then stopped growing and everyone else carried on

3) I have had 18 piercings, and plan on getting more

4) Dairy Milk chocolate wins every time

5) I'm vegetarian and have been for about 7 years

The blogs I nominate:

I don't know who to nominate, if you want me to nominate you let me know in a comment an I'll check out your blog :)

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5 Apr 2015

Nails: Leighton Denny V's Ferrero Rocher

Something a bit silly today!


Leighton Denny - Who Are You Wearing?


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22 Mar 2015

TAG: Spring 2015

[photo and tag originally from makeup-pixi3]

1. What's your favourite nail colours for Spring?
A lilac colour, like Barry M Prickly Pear or MUA Frozen Yoghurt.


2. Best drink for Spring?
Some kind of blackcurrant squash.

3. What goes on your lips in Spring?
Recently I have been liking Maybelline ColorDrama Keep It Classy. A simple my lips but a bit better colour.


4. What's your favourite thing about Spring?
There is so much hope, everything is slowly coming back to life from being dead during winter.

5. Best perfume for Spring?
My Fragrance Library Sex on the Beach, all kinds of fruity but light too. Also something to note is it doesn't smell like you spilt your cocktail down yourself!

6. What TV series are you watching the most at the moment?
I've been catching up with American Horror Story: The Freak Show recently.

7. Do you wear a different colour eye shadow in Spring?
Not in spring, blacks, purples and browns.


8. Do you change your hair for the changing season?
No, I do need to re-dye it black though.

9. What kind of music do you listen do in Spring?
My kind of music doesn't change seasonally.

10. What kind of fashion items/accessories do you opt for in Spring?
Less layers, less thick woollen jumpers and cardigans.

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11 Mar 2015

Wednesday Wants: Lush


Copperhead - Shampoo Bar
Honey I Washed My Hair - Shampoo Bar
Jason And The Argan Oil - Shampoo Bar
Ultraviolet - Bubble Bar

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6 Oct 2014

TAG: Autumn 2014

[Tag and photo from: Makeup-Pixi3]

As you know, I like starting my seasonal tags and with Autumn being my favourite season of the year, I thought I'd write a new one for 2014. If you're reading this, you're tagged! If you tag me in the tweet when you share it, I'll RT it too :D

1. Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
Toffee Nut Latte

2. Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
I like wearing boots all year round. But I like hats for outside in the autumn, plus it helps bad hair days!

3. Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
I really don't listen to different music depending on the time of year, so it would be generally rock / metal music.

4. Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
Lush's Karma perfume is what I have been using, its a bit heavier so not keen on using it in the summer.

5. Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
Yankee Candle's Black Cherry, it's my autumn candle.

6. What do you love most about Autumn?
It's not too cold, nor too hot. I like the distinct seasons we get in the UK.

7. Favourite makeup look?
Berry lipstick, darker colours are more wearable during the Autumn/Winter.

8. What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
Wedding anniversary, and not being too hot.

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