6 Jun 2013

#JuneBBC 6 - Disappointing Buys

You can find out what Beauty Blogger Challenge is here.

The most disappointing product I have bought recently would have to be TRESemmé Heat Defense Styling Spray.

Why was it so disappointing? Well it left my hair really sticky, and clumpy and after using it I had to wash my hair again because it was that bad. Which is a huge pain as my hair is quite long and washing and drying it does take a long while. Do not recommend this at all. I do however really like the argan oil straightening spray from TRESemmé.

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  1. Totally agree, I hate mine. Lee stafford on the otherhand... =P

    1. Yes it is not good, I like the Lee Stafford one too as well as Mark Hill's :D

  2. Hey thanks for following my blog! I followed back ^_^ xx


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