30 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 30 - Monthly Favourites

Monthly Favourites

I never actually post monthly faves, so this is something new for me!

Collection 2000 2 in 1 Strengthener and Hardener Base Coat

XXL Squishy Stamper - It's like the skies opened and a ray of light shone down and the angels sang. Okay so maybe not like that but it makes stamping a million times easier.

DIY - Zoya Remove + Nail Polish Remover
Recipe from LoodieLoodieLoodie

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29 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 29 - Earliest Make Up Memory's

Earliest Make Up Memory's

For me as long as I remember make up was there, my mother always wore blue eyeshadow and eyeliner (this was the 80's) and when she wasn't wearing it to me it signified that something was wrong with her.

It is weird the association I made between make up and health as a child!

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28 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 28 - What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?!

Looking back I can see a lot of things which I probably shouldn't have said or done but relating to beauty I think it would be wanting to wear a red eyeshadow, but in practice it looked like I'd either been crying for hours or had a punch up! I think red eyeshadow does have it's place but its a case of wearing it in a way which looks good rather than bad.

photo from lunadeapril.xanga.com
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27 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 27 - Expensive Item

Most expensive item

I don't have a lot of money to be spending frivolously on make up, so I think the most expensive item I have would be Urban Decay's Primer Potion which is £15. Even then I was bought it as a gift rather than purchasing it myself!


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26 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 26 - Hair History

This is a bit of a hair time line for you all, as you soon will be able to tell my hair is usually long and dark. Oh and ignore the splodges, I am sure you all have embarrassing photos of yourself as kids you don't like!

8yrs pretty much the same length from 7-10, quite odd to see my natural hair colour again!

Then when I was 10 I decided to chop it all off

Skip a few years, I had grown it long again and kept it that way. Started dyeing it mahogany when I was 14, the next photo shows the colour I had by the time I was 16

And the length it had grown to, hope you can tell

Then I went dark brown

Letting it grow a bit longer

Dyed it black / blue and cut a few layers to frame the face a bit

By the time I was 19 I'd gotten some of the length cut off and then went all the way dyeing it full on black, nice and shiny too!

Tried dyeing my hair a purple / black washed out so quickly! Looks like it had grown as well and by this point I had discovered hair straighteners. Oh and this was 'devils day' (6.6.06) lol!

My sister got all creative a month later...

Another one from 2006, I wasnt impressed by my hair colour fading and so just before I redyed it black I tried out some bleach on the underneath layer. Was not a good colour! But it was only light for about 30mins before I did it black again.

So by the time I was 22 I clearly was getting bored of the hair, well if the previous year was anything to go by. This is the longest my hair has been.

And so I decided 10years after my last big chop to go for it again, and dyeing it brown / black

Quite liked it short, although for some reason it seemed to get greasy quicker. Took the same amount of time to style as the longer hair did but the drying time was a lot less! Dyed it black again

Later on that year I got it cut again, really didnt like this on me though

Once it had grown a bit I added some purple

After that I got sick of going to the hairdressers for them to end up doing something I didnt like and just let it grow

Let it grow some more then attempted curling it with straighteners, really need to do that again it looked good!

Kept it growing

Carried on letting it grow but tried dyeing it purple / black again see if the formulation had changed since 2006 when I last tried it, but no it still washed out quickly

I've long black hair by 2011, 28 inches from hairline to ends

Curly hair attempt #2, hadn't tried since 2009 in the above photo!

By 2012 I was bored of the black and wanted to have purple hair, so I began the process of trying to lift the colour so the purple dye would take.

And this is after using Directions hair dye in Plum, I even got a rare outdoors shot 
directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye directions-plum-hair-dye

Quite a lot more pictures than I thought there would be actually! Have you had many styles? I don't seem to have had all that many, much more of a repeat offender I think!

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25 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 25 - Shopping Habits

Shopping Habits

My shopping tends to be 90% online, as it makes it so much easier to shop around price wise. In store purchases seem to be more impulse based or if I can't get it online.

photo from conecomputers.co.uk
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24 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 24 - Brand Highlight

Brand Highlight

Barry M

Barry M do great nail polish at a good price, in the past they really have pulled it out of the bag and kept going with great collection after great collection. 


Earlier this year Barry M brought out some sequin effect textured polishes, these were not good polishes. There was only three of them though, and I think that the brand will learn from their mistakes and produce good polishes rather than the dud ones.


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23 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 23 - Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips

So the prompt today was very vague. I will offer one tip, and that is try things out. Don't be scared of making yourself look like an idiot with make up, that is why you practice. Lock the door and have a play about, if it works great, if not it is only make up just remove it and start again.

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22 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 22 - Perfume

Signature Perfume

My signature scent is something sweet.

Lush Forum Special - Candy Fluff
They say: Candy Fluff leaves you smelling sweet as a pink, candy floss fairy and feeling just as pretty without the calories. Enjoy it without gaining weight

This is the scent of snow fairy, the shower gel from Lush. It is very girly and playful, to me it smells of sweeties, jelly babies and all that sickly sweet stuff if you eat too much you feel ill. I have a back up of this which is just as well because its a forum special and you never know when it will come out again. 

Lush Forum Special - Honey I Washed The Kids
They say: A fragrance made by the famous Honey I Washed the Kids soap from Lush, delicious with toffee and honey aromas. It opens with bergamot and sweet orange to brighten your day.

I adore this scent it is spot on as to the HIWTK soap, the scent really lingers. Its a sweet, honey and toffee scent as they describe. Not sure I can smell the bergamot. The bottle is a lot better than the previous one.

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21 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 21 - Shop your Stash

Looking through my nail polishes I realised I hadn't actually tried out a nail polish in my collection, and so I thought I would share it today here.


Kleancolor - Midnight Seduction 170

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20 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 20 - 10 under £10

Ten products under £10

1) ELF Studio Powder Brush - £3.75
2) ELF Mineral Primer - £6
3) ELF Complexion Perfection - £3.75
4) Tangle Teezer - £9.95
5) Asda Matt Moisturiser - £1

6) Maybelline Gel Eyeliner - £7.99
7) Barry M Nail Paints - £2.99 / £3.99
8) ELF Eyeshadow Brush - £1.50
9) ELF - Blending Brush - £1.50
10) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor - £4.99

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19 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 19 - Storage

I store my nail polishes on a rack / shelf I made myself, and the rest of my make up mainly lives in these draws from Poundland.

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