1 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 1 - Recent Purchases

Following on from June's Blogger Challenge is this months challenge, I am doing this on this blog so not to clutter my main blog with various other ramblings. This challenge is being ran by GirlFriday.

Today's prompt is recent purchases, so here is a peek at my monthly haul which will be coming to my main blog in a week or two.

First off I went in to Lush and got a few bits with my Lush card, still had money on it from Christmas!

Blackberry Bath Bomb - My second favorite bath bomb, haven't bought it since March 2011!

 Then I got a few things from the ELF 50% sale

Nail Polish - Sea Escape
Nail Polish - Green Machine
Mineral Foundation - Porcelain
Cream Eyeliner - Punk Purple (I have lots of different shades so got a new one)
Nail Polish - Chocolate (mine was empty)

Don't forget to check out my main blog below!

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