14 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 15 - Things I Suck At

Beauty things I suck at!

This list could be endless! But let's stick to 10

1) Wearing black eyeliner all over the waterline - I always do this even though you are supposed to wear a beige or white liner to open rather than close your eyes.

2) Concealer - I generally don't wear concealer, I pat a little more foundation over areas I want to hide.

3) Hairdressers - I don't go, I cut my own hair.

4) Highlighting - I almost never highlight my cheek 'bones' or my inner eye.

5) Tanning - I don't tan fake or real, I do catch the sun very easily but I just prefer to be pale and 'interesting'. It seems like so much hard work fake tanning and keeping it up.

6) Opening Nail Polish bottles - Already mentioned this already in this SBBC, but I am just too weak and pathetic to open stuck bottle lids!

7) Bronzing / Contouring - Something else I just don't do. I can do it, I just generally don't where as I really think I should!

8) Leaving nail polish alone - I can't just wear a single polish there has to be something done to it otherwise I get bored.

9) Lipgloss - Something else I really don't do, I either wear a lipstick or just lip balm.

10) Being in the bath for an acceptable time length - if I do go in the bath I like to make it more of an occasion. I stay in the bath up to three hours, which is why I only go in the bath max once a week. Showers though I am quick, 20 mins maximum.

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