5 Sep 2013

#SBBC - 5 - Faves and Fails

Make Up Removers, what is your favourite and which isn't?

I like to remove my make up using my TréSonic which is like a cheap version of the Clarasonic. Right now I am using Elemis Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash, which is nice but it is out of my budget I won it in a competition.


I got some make up removing wipes from Primark (4 in 1 Gentle) and they are awful, they are quite dry and as such are pretty much useless for removing anything from your face. The oil control ones in the green pack are alright as are the one in the pink pack it's just these ones that are terrible!

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  1. I found the Penneys/Primark wipes useless as well, but then again, I dunno if you can expect more for the price! You get 2 packs bundled together for €1.50 in Ireland!

    1. True, I may have gotten two packs bundled as well I forget now :P not a repurchase!


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