22 Nov 2013

TAG: I'm a Blogger Get Me Outta Here!

While I wasn't technically tagged to do this one, I thought I would anyway! I saw this on Bite No More's blog. I don't really watch I'm A Celeb, more dip my toe in to random bits of it.

You can only take ONE product into the jungle (aka your luxury item). What would you choose and why?
I think it would be black eyeliner, as I struggle to be outside without make up and eyeliner is the most important thing. Otherwise you can't see my eyes! (lip balm isn't luxury right, I have about 12 on me at all time, much more a necessity than a luxury).

What would be your main pre jungle worry?
Being on camera.

You only have five minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine?
Tie my hair up, and sunscreen it would be a vital thing in Australia I imagine.

Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hairstyle?
Not one for top buns myself, it would have to be a high ponytail as having my hair down in that heat would be unbearable as well as bound to get bugs and other weird jungle stuff in it.

For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you?
I think everyone has the possibility to be interesting, you could get to know someone on a more than shallow level which could be interesting although perhaps not for TV.

Everyone’s given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle?
I can cook rice and tidy up? Would that be a lifestyle skill??

What one thing about being a beauty blogger sometimes makes you want to scream ‘Get Me Out Of Here’?
I'm not sure I would describe myself as a beauty blogger, but as a blogger in general I would have to complain about the bad comments. I know haters are going to hate and trolls are going to troll but surely it takes effort to make negative comments, why bother? As Thumper from Bambi said, "If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all".

Challenge – This is a once in a life time opportunity. You're up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?
Right now I would say something along the lines of that Henry Ford quote, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" - so much easier said than done though. I seem to be quite a quote liking person at the moment, another one by Ford which sums me up is "you can have any colour as long as it's black". Although if it came down to eating weird things then no, I am vegetarian and would refuse to eat random animal parts.

Well that's it. Are you watching, and who do you think will win?
Anyone who want's to do this tag can, let me know though so I can see your answers. As for who will win, possibly her from Emmerdale or the guy from TOWIE as he is doing the tasks.

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  1. Loved your answers. I agree with Thumper too, very wise words from a cute rabbit :) x

  2. Love this idea of a post. If i had 5 minutes before i went in i wouldnt be bothered about how i looked but like you would be applying sunscreen and trying to eat a bar of chocolate at the same time x


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