9 Mar 2014

TAG: Would You Rather?

I saw this TAG over at BeautyCrowd.

1. Would you rather be able to apply eyeliner perfectly or be able to contour like Kim Kardashian?
Eyeliner 100% my hair is usually down and so contouring wouldn't be that visible.

2. Would you rather wear foundation which is two shades lighter or two shades darker?
Lighter, it is easy to warm up a foundation with a powder or bronzer.

3. Would you rather wear no lipstick ever again or no eyeliner ever again?
No lipstick, I need my eyeliner!

4. Would you rather give up your foundation or your mascara?
Very difficult! Mascara I think, it would be hard though.

5. Would you rather apply your makeup yourself with no mirror whilst on a bumpy car journey or ask a 5 year old child to do it?
I'd say myself on a bus, that way I only have myself to blame for the awful look.

6. Would you rather wear exactly the same makeup every single day for the rest of your life or drastically change your makeup every single day for the rest of your life (even if it doesn’t suit you!)?
The same, as long as it looked good.

7. Would rather have dodgy brows or have patchy fake tan?
I don't do fake tan, but if I did I am sure it would turn out awful!

8. Would you rather have perfectly white teeth or have your perfect hairstyle?
Perfect hair, I can keep my mouth closed but hair is always on show.

9. Would you rather wear the same colour nail varnish for the rest of your life or be able to change the colours of your varnish whenever you like but it’s always a little bit smudged?
I couldn't wear the same everyday!

10. Would you rather have lots of scented body and perfume products that smell amazing to you but to everyone else you smell like pine tree car air freshener or have products that smell average to you but smell incredible to those around you?
I'd like to be able to smell everything in its true form, smelling of air freshener isn't a bad thing. I can think of a lot of worse things to smell of.

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