6 Apr 2014

TAG: Oh No, Not Another Tag!

The Rules

You must include both Hayley & the person who tagged you (which is Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder) in your post (and the rules too). 
Once you've answered all your questions you need to tag 5 people.
Also if you tweet Hayley (@teapartybeauty) and myself (@beautyisin_blog) the link to your post, we will RT. 
If you are tagged & don't do the post you will have bad luck for 68.5 years. FACT. 

You've made it BIG & bagged some VIP Fashion Week tickets. You lucky devil you. But in your rush to get there & get yourself noticed you forgot your VIP Passes. The guy on the door says he will cut you a deal, you can go in only if you sacrifice either your Front Row seat, backstage privileges or goody bag. What's it gonna be? 

I'm not really in to fashion so I wouldn't be bothered to loose out on any of those things.

You're making a new Subscription box, what 4 items & which dreaded perfume sample would you include in it? 

A Lush perfume sample, not the ones they have in the shops but the ones they do for the forum specials. The other items would be, dotting tool, black nail polish, quick drying top coat and a base coat.

What's your biggest blogging bug bear? The one thing guaranteed to make your blood boil & have you screaming/eye rolling at your laptop?

Drama, it is pointless really. It's nails or make up or something shallow there is no need to bring the drama. A shallow distraction which can be fun and interesting though.

No more joining in Twitter chats only slightly relevant to your blog. You can only join in one blogger chat a week for the rest of your blogging days, which one's it gonna be & why? 

I always forget they are on, but if force it would have to be #bbloggers 

'Fess up, do you actually own any MAC? If so what don't you like about the product?

No I don't. I don't have the money to spend on a £16 lipstick when there are cheaper ones out there the same. You are paying for the name.

The blogging Gods ban arm swatching, which body part will you swatch on now?

I mainly do nail polish swatches so I would continue doing them on my nails!

You can no longer have Yankee Candles & Perfume Bottles in the background of your shots, what other inanimate object will you choose?

My photos generally have a plain black background, I don't want anything distracting from the thing I am photographing. 

Your blogs Instagram is it for cats or meal shots?

My instagram is 99% nails and 1% cats. I don't use it too much as I don't have a phone which works with instagram so have to borrow the ithing.

As I am not really one for tagging people I will tag you if you want to do this!

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