13 Aug 2014

Wednesday Wants: Soap and Glory - Body

These are the body products I would like to try, I have tried the body lotions before and they sink in quickly and don't leave me feeling sticky. Which is what I want from a body lotion. The sugar scrubs are really good as well, they are thick enough to feel like they are doing something and they are sticky enough to stay stuck to you so you can exfoliate.

1) Butter Yourself Body Lotion - £10
2) The Rightous Butter Lotion - £10
3) Daily Smooth Body Lotion - £10
4) Butter Yourself Body Cream - £10.50
5) Sugar Crush Body Butter Cream -£10.50
6) Orangeasm Body Butter - £10
7) Smoothie Star Body Scrub - £8
8) Scrub Em' and Leave Em' Body Scrub - £8

Have you tried any of these? What are they like?

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