18 Jul 2015

Creative Blog Award

Thank you to JustKeepBrains for tagging me and nominating me for this award!

The rules on this award:
– Nominate 10 (other said 15-20, some other posts said 5) blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
– Thank and post the link to the blog that nominated you
– Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
– Notify the bloggers that you nominated them for the award
– Pass the rules onto them

5 facts about me

1) As well as having a 'thing' for nail polish, I also have quite a large collection of lipbalm

2) I once was tall for my age, I then stopped growing and everyone else carried on

3) I have had 18 piercings, and plan on getting more

4) Dairy Milk chocolate wins every time

5) I'm vegetarian and have been for about 7 years

The blogs I nominate:

I don't know who to nominate, if you want me to nominate you let me know in a comment an I'll check out your blog :)

Don't forget to check out my beauty / nail blog below!

1 comment:

  1. I am new to your blog and I'm digging it☺. It's fun meeting fellow bloggers. Congrats on the award!


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